You are currently viewing This was the first caravan produced in Spain 65 years ago.

This was the first caravan produced in Spain 65 years ago.

Presently, Tuset road in Barcelona is a location of home entertainment and also gastronomy for countless Barcelonans, yet couple of recognize caravan cradle It is extremely classy in Spain today. In 1957, in a little workshop on that particular road, specialist insurance coverage evaluator and also outdoor camping fanatic. Pedro Martinez Aznar He started to develop the initial Spanish-made campers, increased on a U-shaped steel framework, without brakes, with drywall lining in and out, yet 4 meters long.

This is exactly how Caravanas Tuset was birthed. 3 years later on that automobile Cost 60,000 pesetas To an investor that wished to utilize it as a house for his staff members at the Barcelona International Profession Fair.



Similarly, it must be kept in mind that a business (Caravansa) with a French license (Caravelair-Sud-Aviation), which has actually been producing campers for several years, was developed in Vitoria in the 1960s. One more manufacturing facility is developed in Barcelona (on Tuset road, which offers its name to the campers generated there), geared up with the state-of-the-art equipment of that time. Although Tuset has actually held the starting point in regards to manufacturing quantity for several years.

In the very same years, the Caravanas Moncayo manufacturing facility showed up in Zaragoza, and also its items were commonly approved in the adhering to years. The Galician brand name Catusa additionally got praise for its campers generated in Tomiño (Pontevedra) by the firm Caravanas del Noroeste.

They were unquestionably the seeds of the campers market– and also inevitably the birth of caravanism– in Spain. Provided the success of the ’70s and also the trailer, the listing of makers of this trailer aspect expanded. In this years, where campers ended up being a growing number of prominent with each passing year, essential manufacturing facilities arised in Spain such as the roller ibérica in Barcelona, which was originally connected with roller italia and also got its self-reliance a couple of years later on. Likewise in the 1970s, essential brand names such as Hergo in Vitoria and also Benimar in Castellón were produced in the expanding Spanish market, in addition to the various other business stated in the table over. most effective because years.



In the adhering to years (80s and also 90s) the look of campers manufacturing facilities in Spain reduced (a lot of them have time out of mind went away …), yet campaigns and also jobs have actually additionally been videotaped. In the 80s, the Master brand name showed up, generated by the Lercasa firm in Lerma (Burgos), which back then marketed lots of devices. And also in the 90s, Caravanas del Noroeste generates the brand names tui and also CNW. Right after, ace Campers showed up in the district of Alicante, which generated the Spanish ace campers generated till after that, and also is devoted to bringing practical designs to the marketplace that fit the preference and also pocket of the possible Spanish individual. There were – and also still are – countless them.

After 65 years, today, caravanism is experiencing its greatest duration in our nation. Caravans, campers and also campers are the selection of countless family members that have actually uncovered the campers company, which is the very best choice to invest their vacations and also leisure time with nature.

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