You are currently viewing Record number of batteries stolen from Acciona rental bikes: 190 in eight days

Record number of batteries stolen from Acciona rental bikes: 190 in eight days


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this battery theft in electric motorcycles The business’s trigger They have actually been a major trouble all the time. Yet recently the trouble has actually obtained exaggeratedly even worse.

Without going any type of better, simply Burglars took batteries from 190 vehicles a little over a week later on parked in various locations Madrid.

According to its web site, that has to do with one-fifth of the business’s fleet in the Madrid location, where it has regarding a thousand motorbikes. These rental motorbikes more powerful than various other common wheelchair It is just one of the ones that can be leased in the city since it has 125 cc as well as extremely costly batteries.

These are Samsung brand name batteries, worth regarding 1800 euros each. They are extremely costly as well as include, as they offer even more power to the cars and truck. 448 batteries, Along with digital boards as well as various other parts.

A a great deal of break-ins happened in between January as well as November. From March onwards, the number began to boost swiftly, getting to the factor where batteries were swiped from greater than 300 motorbikes. Yet I understand they’re mosting likely to swipe the battery of 300 motorbikes in 9 months. 21 as well as 29 November All documents were damaged: 190 battery burglaries in simply 8 days.

The detailed business hill goat 35, He had actually formerly condemned the wave of battery burglaries that happened in Madrid as well as some southerly components of the area where his motorbikes lie. Getafe, Legans as well as Alcorcn.

On this celebration, he made a denunciation as well as reported the area of the motorbikes assaulted by the burglars.

Authorities are maintaining the examination right into these break-ins open as well as have actually currently jailed a number of individuals in current weeks, yet that hasn’t place an end to the break-ins.

As A Result, it is most likely that there are various basically well organized teams committed to swiping batteries.

When? Acciona Movement Condemning 324 break-ins in November, this paper secured the quantity swiped since it was released promptly. Losses at 696,000.

If the cost as well as fixing of 190 lately swiped batteries are included in this quantity, the failures are currently approx. million euros There’s some inquiry whether it pays to keep this lasting wheelchair service, something that’s most likely difficult for a firm not the dimension of Acciona to deal with.

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