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New single from ENSLAVED “Caravans To The Outer Worlds”


The cut released on an EP is also a part of “Heimdal”

Viking-Progressive Black Metal band enslaved shared”Caravans to the Outer Worlds“, another sound sample from his next album, “heimdalThe song “”, which will be released on March 3, 2023 on the label of Nuclear Blast, has already given its name to a song. EP released in 2021.

Grutle Kjellson Comments: “‘Caravans to the Outer Worlds’ was the first track we wrote for the record. Usually the first track points in a particular direction, but this points in various directionswhich makes the whole process extremely interesting. It finally pushed us to make our best album. This live version from ‘The Otherworldly Big Band Experience’, our last big project keeping us alive during the pandemic, is the first of many opportunities to hear the song live.”

This is the music video for the theme created with live images:

frozenwith a music video directed by Marius Marthinussen SoreideY “Kingdom” other study topics:

in his words Ivar Bjornson (guitar, keyboard) and Grutle Kjellson (voice and bass):

“It’s weird that we’re talking about the release of our 16th album, and it’s also pretty impressive – yes, our 16th full album. Not bad for a few punks from western Norway, right? time in the short-lived band PHOBIA, we’ve been playing together for at least 32 years.

All these years it has been our umbilical cord to the realms of Norse mythology, mysticism, and philosophy, and our gateway to the realms of depth psychology and the esoteric worlds of the afterlife. One of the most fascinating characters in our mythology is Heimdal.and it has been hanging in our minds like an enigma for thirty years. His first appearance was in a song called ‘Heimdallr’ in our 1992 Yggdrasill demo, and he’s taken on smaller and more important roles in our lyrical universe over the years.

This time we have decided to devote all our work to this enigmatic character and the richest archetypes: We present to you Heimdal. We’ve reached deeper and discovered more than ever before.: the band’s past, present and future sound come together in songs born of pure inspiration: the combined strength of a close-knit group of friends and musicians.”

Songs and cover of “Heimdal”

1. Behind the Mirror
2. Freeze
3. Forest Resident
4. Kingdom
5. The Endless Sea
6. Caravans to the Outer Worlds
7. Gangandi*
8. Heimdall

Limited editions of the album will include a bonus track, “gangandhi“also a blu ray from him streaming From “The Otherworldly Big Band Experience” in 2021.

Heimdal, Enslaved album
Heimdal, Enslaved album

“Caravans to the Outer Worlds” as EP

Nuclear Blast released the EP on October 1, 2021 “Caravan to the Outer Worlds”.

“When the meaning and the world were united, the cosmos trembled… There is a very old, very dry, and very dangerous desert. Few dared to cross and few returned. Some say it is a desert between places, some say a desert between worlds. Those who have passed and those who have returned. They swear that the desert is another world in itself: an astral bridge that swallows all but the best-trained travelers. These seasoned travelers are enslaved. In their latest adventure, “Utgard is deep in the darkness beneath their homeland of Norway. Now they’re getting ready to hit the road again, this time out, not down. They plan to cross the desert, go into it, and maybe even further.” Traveling on sonic roads, Caravan To Outer Worlds invites the listener to explore the world. esoteric fields calling out from beyond the dunes“.

Caravans Enslaved to the Outside Worlds

A new cycle has begun and ENSLAVED stands on a bridge between the archaic and the unexplored. Caravans to the Outer Worlds is an origin story. Boldly journey into the future, leaving behind a barren and desolate world. Ivar Bjørnson said about the EP:

“This is the story to be told, this is the music to be heard. Who are we to question it? After ‘Utgard’ the road was cleared before us and we followed it; past, present and future combine in an EP that represents a big leap forward for us. Against…”

The group also produced a video clip for the song:

EP cuts include:

1. Caravans to the Outer Worlds
2. Intermezzo I: Lonnlig. Gudlig.
3. Ruun II – Epitaph
4. Intermezzo II: The Traveler

In addition to this, the group resumed on December 2. 1992″ modelyggdrasillRemastered and limited to 300 copies on record and also in digipak format.

“strange” is the band’s previous studio album released by Nuclear Blast on October 2, 2020.

We would like to remind you of Grutle Kjellson’s negative opinion on this issue. “Viking” series.

more about enslaved inside that Facebook page.

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