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My entire environment is digital, but I write important things by hand. these are my reasons

With computer systems, tablet computers, digital white boards, innovation is significantly incorporated right into class from the initial years of college. Nonetheless, regardless of this advancement in electronic topics as well as abilities, one point has actually not altered in proceeding education and learning strategies: Youngsters recognize just how to make use of a pencil for write the letters of the alphabet as well as make words with them. To name a few points, since there Studies demonstrating the effectiveness of these methods analogue.

In several specialist setups, particularly in technology-related settings, computer systems as well as digital tools are one of the most effective job tool staff members have (i.e., let’s type faster on smartphone not by hand), several remain to locate pens (or ballpoint pens) as well as paper an essential source for their work tasks.

What’s incorrect with these 2 important analog devices that make technology specialists utilize them? What provides that they can not locate in various other electronic devices? Why is it so required for them to proceed utilizing charcoal as well as a paper for some jobs?

a little creative thinking

Regardless of the technical account of our dialogists, several confess that when they need to make use of one of the most innovative component of their duties, they locate outstanding devices theoretically as well as pencil to show their ideas.


Miguel Angel Gonzalez He is the Head of Digital as well as Movement Modern Technology at Cepsa. It Education Telecommunications Engineer recognize that paper as well as pen urge their creative thinking as well as assists you construct understanding. “I take a great deal of notes at conferences as well as I still do it by hand as it assists me bear in mind.” While he does not normally evaluate note pads where he takes these notes, this system enables him to “stick with the concepts, since I do not simply create, I attract, as well as in the long run it makes them stick much better,” he claims.

Salome Iglesias He belongs to the Board Of Advisers of Out2Bound, yet operated in the train department of Siemens till a couple of weeks back. The Industrial Designer, in his situation, takes out the paper as well as pen primarily wherefore requires to be specified methods, presented issues, as well as the future specified. “For all points innovative,” he ends. Why is that? Like González, since this assists you concentrate “This occurs to me regularly. In university he constantly functioned to create something since it aided me. Creating, remembering in course aided me remain concentrated as well as I assume it additionally assists me maintain info,” she confesses.

On top of that, as a result of his experience, he profits not just from utilizing pen as well as paper, yet additionally from the entire job group. “When you’re going over with individuals, getting a pen as well as attracting a layout with each other, beginning to work with that paper, all concentrating on the very same factor, it constantly assists, particularly on concerns that belong to creative thinking as well as creative thinking. component of the unpredictability”.

points to do

While practically none of our dialogists make use of these analog devices for points like making wish list, points alter when we speak about specialist jobs.


Javier de Arcos A software program designer that has actually been creating software application for almost ten years, he confesses that paper as well as pencil offer him for different objectives, such as preparation. “I begin the day as well as maintain an order of business of what I wish to finish that day as well as look at it,” she clarifies.

It additionally makes these items resemble your RAM. “ assists me assume When I complete a job, if there is something I wish to jot down later on, I locate it extra comfy to create it down on a paper. I might make use of a device on my computer system, yet it’s so simple to shed emphasis as well as take a look at a brand-new message or obtain sidetracked by various other points.” Three-quarters of the very same point occurs to you in conferences as well as meetings: Leaving points in composing assists you “adhere to up or address essential factors I wish to bear in mind for later on.” assists you obtain the essential factors I desire prepared”.

Shared in comparable terms Elena Ceballos, by Dolby. “I make use of paper as well as pencil (black) since handwriting makes me assume, it assists me. emotionally arranging myself as well as creating originalities plus I bear in mind points much better when I create by hand. I such as to create by hand rather than composing which is something I can do without actually focusing on what I’m doing, paying much less focus to what I’m keying as I create since it enables me to think of various other points at the very same time.

my leisure activities

Nonetheless, would certainly any type of paper as well as any type of pen help taking these notes? Similar to the pharmacologist, it has a little of whatever: from the unconcerned to the particular regarding the components they make use of.


” The only pastime I have is composing with each other. black ink must be the center line I do not such as to create with gel ink pens”, confesses Ceballos, that considers his finest pen to be “the Bic (Bic cristal) of his life”. The orgasm is the 4 shades. “I make use of red for essential notes, eco-friendly to highlight ‘headings,’ as well as blue for finalizing,” he claims.

Cepsa’s CDO Moleskine, bullet etc. Although it ranges note pads as well as note pads. Obviously it “can not be attracted” since “they piss me off a lot,” she confesses. When it comes to the pen, the only need is to repaint effectively. “I’ll jump on my nerves if they look negative,” he thinks with a laugh. Like Ceballos, he enjoys BICs, and now utilizes a lot of the deleted ones. “They repaint effectively as well as are additionally erasable. They’re amazing,” he claims.

Javier de Arcos confesses that while he’s normally extremely arranged, both at his computer system as well as at his workdesk, his most disorderly touch comes when he’s composing theoretically. “Often I begin with the center of the paper and after that I reveal the rooms rather than mosting likely to the following web page,” he clarifies.

Concealing or tossing notes?

Most of these professionals recognize that, although it can be useful for them to proceed composing in their very own handwriting, they wind up discarding their notes.


” I normally export notes to OneNote, the database of my notes,” clarifies Salomé Iglesias. “My work needs me to be on several topics as well as occasionally does not have deepness. It is extremely wide, yet you require to comprehend each subject all right to be able to follow it. Technique having not all the info yet 4 essential notes as well as passing them on others a note This is very important. That’s where I actually have my things archive,” he clarifies.

On The Other Hand, Javier de Arcos covers the listing as he finishes jobs, permitting him to evaluate what he’s achieved at the end of the day as well as jot down pending jobs for the following day. “It’s a type of routine assists me detach: I jot down things I wish to begin thinking of or do the following day as well as when I open up the note pad the following day, I have it,” he clarifies. Nonetheless, when the jobs are finished as well as the paper is unperforated, it is tossed right into the garbage. “If there’s something I wish to bear in mind or maintain since it is essential, I move it to the computer system,” she clarifies.

Beyond, Miguel Ángel González Doval conceals all those note pads where he composes like gold on fabric *. Although he confesses that he seldom inspects the note pads, “I maintain them there in situation I require them.” Additionally, he confesses that he takes pleasure in seeing these notes once in a while. “I create effectively whatever I need to leave in composing. As well as whatever needs to be great cosmetically,” she claims. He understands that individuals are usually perplexed when they see these note pads.

Miguel Angel Book

Among the note pads of Miguel Ángel González Doval, CDO of Cepsa

” I began exercising the strategy of developing symbols and after that jobs for every month, placing in a listing of jobs to have a look at, yet it was a little a catastrophe as well as I lastly deserted it,” he clarifies. Obviously, there is a collection symbols that suggest it “If it is essential, I placed a circled around asterisk as well as alongside it the initials of the individual that asked or claimed it. It assists me highlight things that actually issue,” he clarifies. While “normally it’s currently embeded my head when I do it” these descriptions work as backup duplicates. “I constantly placed manuscripts to note concepts” as well as additionally make use of days to note subjects within that main point.

A technical variation

As we saw previously, Salomé Iglesias utilizes OneNote as a database for these composed notes he makes. However Elena Ceballos was not encouraged with this device. “I attempted collaborating with Sticky Notes on my computer system as well as additionally Microsoft OneNote, yet I constantly resort to paper in the long run“, he stresses. And also as she confesses, “I such as having the ability to arrange whatever as OneNote enables, yet I’m not encouraged, I do not really feel comfy”.

Javier de Arcos additionally confesses that he has actually attempted several alternatives. He has some as a 2nd device, yet he ensures that he ultimately returns to pen as well as paper also “because when I make use of the computer system, it’s so simple to shed concentrate on what I’m believing”.

Img 7577 Copy

Javier de Arcos note pad

The boss of Cepsa ensures that he enjoys the touch as well as feeling of paper, yet the iPad Notes application is one more wonderful ally for his reason. “ I really feel extra innovative with paper than iPad, yet the iPad enables me to be extra adaptable: I can get rid of on one side, attract a little, cut as well as paste on the various other … It provides me extra capacity to leave points the method I desire than with the iPad. Paper”. That’s why she also favors having an A3 sheet on her workdesk, both in the workplace as well as in your home, when she intends to concentrate as well as assume. However when she intends to leave something “much better” she relies on the iPad.

De Arcos has actually attempted utilizing note pads that enable you to catch what you create utilizing an application as well as a mobile video camera or export it to your computer system or a storage space in the cloud. However he really did not locate it handy, as he usually bore in mind on practically every paper he had.

Will he constantly opt for you?

Perhaps someday every one of our interviewees will certainly locate innovation that provides the very same feeling as pen as well as paper. However do they quit utilizing these analog items? “To be sincere, I do not assume so”, the boss of Dolby is honest.

” might have”. Javier de Arcos leaves the door open for one kind of tablet computer particularly, with an electronic book that allows you make note extremely merely. A extremely basic tool as well as concentrating on note-taking would certainly be a practical alternative for him, “since what I desire is for it to enable me to remain concentrated as well as not shed my focus. I do not desire a tool that can be made use of for several points,” he clarifies.

A belief shared by Salomé Iglesias. While he recognizes that there might be tools that do this as well as can change paper, he clarifies, “Having one more tool simply makes me a little lazier than the paper I simply get as well as make use of.”

Cepsa CDO recognizes that “This is challenging yet possible”. “Innovation has actually come a lengthy method, as well as when you obtain that paper-like sensation, you may need to toss it away,” he clarifies. “I actually like paper,” he proceeds.

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