You are currently viewing Enslaved will release their new album ‘Heimdal’ in March and is already presenting its first song.

Enslaved will release their new album ‘Heimdal’ in March and is already presenting its first song.

norwegian metallurgists confined They exist a brand-new track called ‘Congelia’ which is the very first sneak peek of their brand-new workshop cd ‘Heimdal’ which will certainly be launched in March 2023.

The job will certainly broadcast on the normal collection Nuclear Blast on March 3, 2023.

Once again as a resource of ideas, the cd will certainly handle Norse folklore, and also the title of the cd particularly describes a strange entity from these common beliefs.

Concerning job, Ivar Bjornson Y Grutle Kjellson “Fairly unusual yet additionally unbelievable, we’re discussing the launch of our 16th cd today – yes, the launch of our 16th unabridged cd.”

” That’s okay for a couple of drifters from the countryside in western Norway, right? If you count our temporary ‘Fear’, we have actually been playing with each other for a minimum of 32 years,” they remember.

As well as they discuss: “Throughout all these years, Norse folklore has actually been our portal to the worlds of umbilical and also deepness psychology that attaches us to the worlds of necromancy and also ideology, and also to the heavy globes past. Among the personalities in our folklore is Heimdal, and also as in our 1992 demonstration ‘Yggdrasill’, it’s been thirty years old. It has actually haunted us like an enigma and also has actually had a little existence in our lyrical cosmos for many years”.

As a result, they end: “This time around, we have actually chosen to dedicate all our job to one of the most enigmatic personalities and also wealthiest archetypes: we give way for Heimdal. We have actually dug much deeper and also uncovered even more than ever prior to: the past, the existing audio and also future of the band, from pure ideas. collaborated in the tunes birthed: this is the mixed toughness of a shut team of good friends and also artists”.

The ‘Heimdal’ cd will certainly be readily available on CD, a minimal version digipack CD with bonus offer track + Blu-ray, as well as additionally in a variety of shade plastic styles.

– Cover of ‘Heimdal’ and also track checklist:

Enslaved - Heimdal

01. Behind the Mirror
02. Freeze
03. Woodland Local
04. kingdom
05. Unlimited Sea
06. Campers to the Outer Globes
07. Gangandi (Incentive Item) *
08. Heimdall

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