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At Rionegro, Auteco Mobility receives the Carbon Neutral seal from Icontec

As a leader in electrical wheelchair, Auteco Flexibility has actually placed itself as one of the ecologically devoted firms focusing on the nation’s shift to a carbon-neutral economic climate. Therefore, the firm obtained Carbon Neutral qualification today from Icontec at EAFIT college’s Rionegro head office, a seal strengthening its dedication to caring as well as safeguarding the setting.

Along with the jobs it executes in its centers as well as setting up plants in order to add to the decrease of exhausts in the nation, the firm likewise minimizes its effect on the setting with its large electrical car profile, which is taken into consideration the biggest electrical car brand name worldwide today. A lot of full in Colombia as well as Latin America.

Auteco Flexibility introduced in 2022 until now 14,995 absolutely no exhaust lorries From bikes as well as motorbikes to automobiles, ATVs, vans as well as vehicles. With the appointing of these lorries, the firm bank on the target suggested by the Ministry of the Setting. It will certainly decrease the nation’s climatic exhausts by 51% by 2030.

Javier Alonso Bohórquez, Head Of State of Auteco Flexibility, spoke about the firm’s wonderful decision to accomplish all its procedures with an equilibrium of absolutely no exhausts to the setting, in his conference with as well as included: ” This indicates that the lorries made use of for the change as well as manufacturing as well as circulation of our items are 100% made up for the exhausts they create, for instance in this instance, by growing some trees in the Galilea book, ultimately What we do is to be ecologically neutral, to be able to run as well as to guarantee that we do not give off which degree of tidy to guarantee that we can

In 2022, Auteco Flexibility led different efforts to decrease the ecological effect of its procedures, causing decreases of as much as 13% in different tasks.

He included: ” The crucial point is that our profile is a company that selected to go into the profile of 100% electrical wheelchair options with absolutely no exhausts 7 years back, as well as today we are leading the growth of the group of private electrical wheelchair, i.e. 2 wheels., skateboards, bikes, motorbikes as well as for 3 years we have actually led as well as originated the growth of a profile of 100% electrical freight as well as guest wheelchair, today greater than 500 vehicles are rotating in the nation that do not give off a solitary lots of co2, as well as big firms that have actually chosen to make their circulation systems less complicated at your solution”.

Iván García, Head of Corporate Matters at Auteco Flexibility, discussed the progression at his firm: ” We are happy to be licensed as a Carbon Neutral Firm, it shows our clear as well as strong dedication to add to the sustainability of the nation as well as area. By acts of reduction as well as repair Along with the launch of greater than 14,995 zero-emission electrical lorries until now this year, b We intend to add even more to the lasting targets established by Colombia as well as the nations of the globe for 2030. Within the structure of our sustainability technique, we intend to decrease the exhausts of our carbon impact by 21% in 2026.” expression

Along with the above as well as various other efforts, Auteco Flexibility has actually lowered the power intake of each car by 59% throughout the manufacturing procedure. conference With activities such as the supply of power generated from 100% sustainable resources Itagüí lowered its carbon impact by 17% at its Rionegro as well as Guarne manufacturing facilities. In A Similar Way, 96% of the waste generated was made use of from interior as well as outside reuse as well as recycling of product; Y 1,400 trees grown It adds to the disintegration as well as reconstruction of the setting in eastern Antioquia.

This area was made use of to have a conversation in between them. A Business Matters Supervisor Iván García uteco; Juan Carlos Leal, Exec Supervisor Gaia Tool; Sustainability Leader Lina Montoya uteco as well as its depictive Luis Javier Duque IKONTEK, Regarding the effect as well as continual sustainability efforts this certification represents for the East as well as the nation.

Galilee Amé Woodland Book

On the various other hand, the firm has actually chosen to stabilize its exhausts within the range of the Galilea Amé Woodland Defense task, which it executes in the area. Tolima Division The primary goal of this task is to secure the all-natural woodlands of the area by minimizing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) exhausts from logging as well as destruction. It likewise intends to preserve as well as maintain neighborhood biodiversity with inter-agency programs as well as efforts, with the growth of tasks that advertise the decrease of carbon dioxide exhausts as well as the execution of social approaches to maintain these woodlands in a state of preservation.

The location where the task is executed belongs to the top priority locations for preservation in the Andes Hills as well as area, as it is identified by a vast array of waters in addition to a high variety of animals as well as plants spread throughout various ecological community kinds. sources.

This is just how Auteco Flexibility creates approaches that will certainly have a favorable ecological effect as well as decrease carbon exhausts in Colombia. In accordance with this objective, the firm pictures the development of its absolutely no exhausts profile for 2023, which it really hopes will certainly remain to equalize lasting wheelchair with electrical lorries that satisfy the requirements of every Colombian, as well as subsequently add to Colombia’s lasting future. area.

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