You are currently viewing A drunken priest dreams of various cotx and blames vi de la missa.

A drunken priest dreams of various cotx and blames vi de la missa.

As the paper advances Districts, A clergyman is mosting likely to a xocar in different lorries in Valencia’s Russafa community as well as will certainly implicate her of delivering. in the mass as the major root cause of occasions. If you handle to disable the Passat, you can be in a public location. Així will certainly check favorable for a motorist breath analyzer, for this later A Menys driving authorization is fined with 4 factors.

Hereafter success occurs as well as observing the multitude of generated product, the clergyman will certainly reveal pended. Això is the one some statements would originally observe: They will certainly assume that the clergyman will certainly leave the feta’s town without waiting on Valencia Citizen Cops representatives.

Nevertheless, upon arrival they will certainly have the ability to validate that this house alcohol examination has actually been taken. 0.6 taxa in breathed out air Davant això, the clergyman, will certainly confess that the factor was to see the media before the intermediary d’agafar throughout the event.

It ought to be kept in mind that the Regional Cops lays out every weekday in order to protect against such occurrences in the city of Valencia as well as accomplishes alcohol control examinations dispersed to all areas.

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