15 Auto Little known techniques You should know these ingenious tricks

Are you in a hurry in the morning, but the windows are fogged up and the exterior mirrors are frozen over? When filling up, do you keep asking yourself which side your tank cap is on? And let’s be honest: How many times have you stood in the parking lot and looked for your car in vain? Not anymore! With our 15 life hacks around the car we can remedy this. You’ll be amazed at what baking soda, hair conditioner and toothpaste have to do with it.

1.Car wash with hair conditioner

How do hair conditioners and car washes go together? Very simple: the hair conditioner contains a form of wax, which refines the paintwork of your car with a water-repellent layer. Put some hair conditioner on a wet rag and wipe it over the body.

Tip: You prefer a “real” car wash after all ? In our article washing the car yourself you will find comprehensive step-by-step instructions.

lifehack hair conditioner
Most hair conditioners contain lanolin, a form of wax that can also protect car paint

2.Bright headlights with toothpaste

If you’re already on your way to the bathroom to rinse your hair, take your toothpaste with you. This contains substances that make your headlights shine.

lifehack toothpaste spotlight
This trick with toothpaste ensures freshly polished headlights

3.Baking powder against bad smells

A short trip to the kitchen is also worthwhile. Because baking soda can also work wonders for your car. To remove bad smells, sprinkle the baking soda in your vehicle and leave it on overnight. Then suck it up again. Alternatively, this trick also works with baking soda.

4.Shiny rims with baking soda

Baking soda, shut up: Mix baking soda with some dish soap and warm water. You now have the ideal recipe to make your car’s rims shine!

lifehack baking powder rims
Baking powder, washing-up liquid and warm water: these rims will soon shine like new

5.Window squeegees vs. pet hair

Do you like to travel with a dog on board ? Then this problem is certainly familiar to you: hair. All over. A rubber window squeegee and a water spray bottle will help. Spray some water on the car seat and run the window squeegee over it. Problem solved!

lifehack animal hair
Armed with a spray bottle, pet hair can be easily removed with a window squeegee

6.Clean ventilation with “handle”

An elegant solution for cleaning the ventilation: Take the handle of a fork, wrap a cloth around it and use it to clean the narrow slits of the ventilation. With this trick, the air conditioner finally blows fresh air towards you again.

lifehack ventilation fork
Get some fresh air by using the handle of a fork to clean the air vents

7.Cat litter as a dehumidifier

It can be quite annoying if your car is fogged up on the inside and you have to wait for a clear view first. To prevent this, cat litter is recommended. For example, fill the cat litter into an old sock and place it in an inconspicuous place in your car. The cat litter removes moisture from the vehicle so that your windows no longer fog up.

8.Free view thanks to socks

Socks prove to be an all-round talent for a clear view. Put these (or alternatively any bags) over the exterior mirrors. In this way, the visual aids cannot freeze over and you can start the morning relaxed even in winter. For more tips on how your car can survive the cold, check out our winterizing car checklist .

lifehack sock mirror
With the socks you protect your exterior mirrors from frost in winter

9.180 degree rotation for a cool steering wheel

In summer, on the other hand, drivers have to contend with other problems. Nobody likes to touch a heated steering wheel. After parking, turn the steering wheel 180 degrees. With this simple trick, only the underside heats up, the grip surface remains pleasantly cool.

10.Rubber band for mobile phone holder

The navigation app shows you the route, you are ready to go. But what to do with the cell phone? It keeps slipping off the shelf and you don’t have a helpful co-driver on board? If you don’t have a mobile phone holder handy, try a rubber band as an alternative. You knot this to the ventilation so that your mobile phone fits in there.

lifehack rubber band as a mobile phone holder
The smartphone does not belong in the hand while driving, use a rubber band instead

11.The belt as a drink opener

You got yourself a delicious soft drink on the way, but didn’t pay attention to a screw cap? Before you knock your teeth out: open your bottle with ease using the buckle.

Caution! If used too frequently, this could damage the belt.

lifehack strap buckle
In case you don’t have a bottle opener at hand: the belt buckle will do, too

12.Cooled glove box

Did you know that in many cars the glove compartment doubles as a cool box? Have a look! A small wheel inside the compartment indicates the cooling function. This keeps your soft drink nice and cold.

13.The seat heating as a pizza warmer

You don’t need anything to cool, but want to keep your freshly picked up pizza warm? Then simply switch on the seat heating on the front passenger seat. Your passenger baked with cheese will thank you.

Tip: put some newspaper under the pizza box to protect the seat from possible grease stains.

14.The arrow to the gas cap

Oh dear, which side was the gas cap on again? Before you stop, get out and have a look: On your fuel gauge, a small arrow indicates which side the cap is on.

lifehack gas cap
This small arrow tells you which side the tank cap is on

15.Find a car with brains

They are standing in a huge parking lot: “My car should be here somewhere?! But where exactly again?” The vehicle can be located remotely with your radio key, but depending on the size of the parking space, the remote control quickly reaches its limits. This is where our life hack comes in: hold the car key to your head to increase the range of the radio waves. Thanks to the water molecules, the signal is amplified by vibrations. Alternatively and even better, this trick works with a water bottle.

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